Sterilization and Disinfection

ορθοδοντικό κέντρο λεμεσός

Providing quality orthodontic care involves more than just making sure that your bite and dental health are improved. It also includes following the guidelines set forth by the CDC (American Center for Disease Control) to protect you and the members of the orthodontic team from the possible spread of communicable diseases. The national authority on the control of communicable diseases, the CDC, claims that the risk of contracting an infectious disease from your orthodontist is extremely remote.

We welcome your questions about orthodontics and infection control. We want you to feel comfortable when visiting our center. We care for your health!

The sterilization and disinfection of our tools is made under the strictest guidelines, set forth by CDC (American Center for Disease Control) and ….in front of your eyes!!! Our sterilization room is right next to the orthodontic chairs, where you can watch how carefully and professionally the disinfection and sterilization procedures are executed.

Required general precautions

Any contact with body fluids can be infectious. This is why in our orthodontic center we take the following required precautions:

  • Washing hands before and after each treatment
  • Use of new sterilized disposable gloves for every patient
  • Use of disposable mask, protective glasses and protective clothes when necessary
  • Sterilization and disinfection of all orthodontic tools after each use
  • Cleaning and disinfection of equipment and surfaces in the clinic
  • Disposal of orthodontic wires and other parts in special containers

You will notice that your orthodontist and the clinical assistants strictly follow the above guidelines throughout your therapy.



ορθοδοντικός στην κύπρο

Sterilization of equipment and surfaces

There are several methods of sterilization of instruments.  Some instruments may be sterilized by using pressurized steam or dry heat. Instruments that cannot withstand high temperatures are scrub cleaned and then disinfected in chemical solutions or by ultrasound.

Treatment surfaces and equipment that cannot be removed for cleaning and sterilization require other disinfection procedures.  For example, counter tops, drawer handles or x-ray. Equipment and light handles are cleaned with special chemical agents. These chemicals have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency as disinfectants for hospitals and clinics. The use of disposable items is another way our team maintains a sanitary and safe environment. Many orthodontic materials such as gloves, masks, disposable coverings, ligatures and archwires are used only once and then disposed in various ways that meet the recommended guidelines.