The easiest festive contest ever!

Smile, click and you’re a winner!

How would you feel if we told you that you could win a gift voucher worth €150 from «Public» technology stores in Cyprus, just by….smiling?

Sounds interesting? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Smile! Easy, isn’t it? Smile straight, crooked, funny, weird! Whether you are alone, with your bestie, your friends, your dog! At school, when enjoying your latte, in the office, while cooking! With hat, glasses, with makeup or without! Selfie or non-selfie! With selfie stick or without! With your mobile or a camera! The rule is just one! SMILE!
  2. Click and the photo is ready
  3. Send us a message with your photo and full name to our Facebook page Laspos Orthodontic Center. If inspiration hit you, send us one word or two, related to smiling, as well!
  4. Start counting likes!

The photo with the most likes will win a gift voucher worth €150 from «Public» technology stores. Don’t stick to just one! You can send us up to five photos. Likes will be added and this is good for you!!!

We will accept photos until Friday 15th of January at 13:00. The photos received on Friday will be uploaded in our page the same day. You will then have one more week to collect more likes in your photos.

On Friday 22nd of January around noon, we will announce the winner.


Smile, click and you’re a winner! 

If you have any questions for the contest, send us a message at our Facebook page Laspos Orthodontic Center