You have to take good care of your braces in order to avoid any damages that would delay your treatment. Avoid eating hard foods, sticky foods and food high in sugar content. A careful orthodontic patient can probably eat almost any food and deal no damage to his or her appliance. However, these three types of food may cause trouble, as may other foods. If in doubt, ask us about the food you enjoy eating.

a. Hard foods may damage the orthodontic mechanism such as bend the wires, loosen the cement under the bands or break the little brackets and tubes which are attached.
b. Sticky Foods damage appliances by bending wires and pulling cement loose
c. You should avoid eating food high in sugar whenever possible. If you do eat any of such food, brush your teeth immediately. If this is not possible, then always rinse you mouth with clear water after eating very sweet food.
d. Don’t chew Bubble Gum – a thousand times NO!

Say NO to: Popcorn, Nuts, Peanut Brittle, Ice (not even if you’re careful), Lemons (pure lemon juice can hurt your tooth enamel), Corn-on-the-cob, Corn chips, crisp tacos, Taffy and Caramels, Fruit Fakes, Gummy Bears, etc., Pizza Crust (the hard outer edge), Carrot Sticks (cut them into small slices), apples (cut into wedges and don’t bite it), hard pieces of bread.