These are the words of Marios Ioannou, an 18 years old, talented gymnastics athlete, which we had the honour to meet during his visit at Laspos Orthodontic Center. Marios participated in the Games of the Small States of Europe that took place last June in Reykjavik, Iceland. He returned to Cyprus with six gold medals and one bronze! A huge success for Marios and for Cyprus as well, as it makes the way for a bright future in gymnastics. Marios enjoyed major victories till today. He took part at the World School (Gymnasiade) Games in Brazil on 2013 where he won the first place in pommel horse and the 7th place in still rings and vault. This was the first time ever that a Cypriot athlete was ranked so high in world games. On June 2015, Marios was the flag bearer of the Cyprus team at the first European Olympic Games that took place in Azerbaitzan. His next target is the participation at the World Gymnastics Championship in Glaskov to be held on this coming October. He will do his best to achieve the biggest of all targets, to take part in the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.


We asked Marios what gymnastics mean to him. This is what he said…

“Gymnastics is my life! I started at the age of three. When I was five, I met Mr Petrides which is my coach till today. Gymnastics need discipline. The life of an athlete is very hard. It needs many hours of hard training in an everyday basis. There are no holidays for an athlete. No staying up late! Gymnastics is a very difficult sport. It needs a great amount of concentration and it can be really painful. You must first control your mind and then your body. This is why sports have the power to make you a better person. They cultivate your spirit and give you a healthy body. My victories make me happy. I am really satisfied when I reach my target. I would never have enjoyed these victories without the guidance of my coach, which I warmly thank. I have a message for all kids out there! Put sports in your lives. Find your talent and put all your passion in it. This is the way that leads to success!

Congratulations for your success and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! You make us really proud! We wish you the best of success and we strongly believe that your talent and passion will keep getting you to the top!